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Heavy-duty portable chairs witth up to 1,000-lb. Capacity Home and outdoor furniture designed for the larger person
Big developments for Spring 2015 - We have completely updated our site with literally hundreds of the newest, most innovative products available anywhere for people of size. We've found some truly amazing new items.

Our blog is now active and devoted to size-related issues. New posts are being added every two or three days. Take a look and leave a comment - we care about what you think. If there's a product you cannot find tell us about that, too. . . .if it exists we'll find it and showcase it for you here.

At SizeIsNoLimit our promise is to always be a comfortable, welcoming place filled with products that larger people will find interesting and useful. We do our best to exclude items that use themes such as fat, obesity, losing weight or dieting in an insensitive way. You won't find gimmicks like diet pills or fad diets here. What you will find are products to help you live your best, most healthy life whatever your size.
Heavy-duty bicycles and Trikes for people of size Office chairs with up to 1,000-lb. Capacity Pillows, sleep aids and bedding for the larger person
Heavy-duty mobility scooters and power chairs Car and airline seat belt extenders XL Hammocks & hammock stands
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