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© Copyright 2015 All rights reserved. was started in 2007 by a healthcare professional who knows how difficult it can be for larger people to find the products they need. Jeannes' belief that people of size deserve a place to shop where they’re accepted, offered a good selection and low prices guides our business.   Our office is located in the greater Los Angeles area.

We take pride in offering an unmatched selection of products for the larger person.  It’s possible because hundreds of well known stores let us pick just the best items for our site. For you it’s shopping made simple. Just browse until you find something you like then click for the store that sells it.  There you can buy it, learn more or come back to us. It’s just that easy.

Our promise is to offer you a comfortable, welcoming place filled with your favorite products, low prices and a few neat, new things every time you visit.

So, come explore our products and discover the ones that are waiting just for you.

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