ASDAH Added to Resources

ASDAH-220x70Today we added the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) to the organizations on this blog’s Resources page.  ASDAH is geared a little more toward healthcare professionals and a more inclusive, rational way of approaching the issue of size in caregiving and society in general.  They promote a “Health at Every Size” or the “HAES®” approach.  Since everyone is at some point a healthcare consumer ASDAH articulates an effective perspective for asserting one’s rights and expectations from the healthcare delivery system, regardless of their weight or size.

You’ll notice that our resources list is rather short with presently just five organizations included.  Just because a group or site is not included here it by no means infers they are without merit.  For now we’ve decided to limit our list to the more established, mainstream size acceptance organizations.  While we find some of the more edgy, niche sites poignant and interesting our focus here is to offer resources that hopefully all our visitors will be comfortable utilizing.  Thank you for tolerating our tolerance.

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