About Us

This blog is the child of a healthcare clinician who many years ago saw first hand the challenges larger people face both in society and when searching for items suitable for them.   Socially and even in areas of public policy it seems that people of size are now the last remaining group where intolerance or the government’s “guiding hand” meets with widespread support or indifference.   In contrast you will find the theme of tolerance and reasonableness in the posts here  – not solely toward people of size but everyone regardless of the package they come in.  The subject matter is endless; it seems not a day goes by without the issue of size making the news.

You will also find the practical matter of physical necessities addressed on these pages.  We find it offensive and in a way discriminatory that larger people are still often required to search, pay high, specialty-store prices or make due with products that do not truly meet their needs.  When we find something innovative or informative we’ll talk about it.

We hope you enjoy perusing these pages which are a more a labor of love than anything else.  Enjoy.