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This page features products by The Wright Stuff , Walmart & LivingXL
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EZ Reachers® in your choice of styles & lengths
From $16.95

Folding Grip-Lock 32 inch Reacher

Vertical Jaw-Grip 26 and 32 inch Reachers

Folding Vertical Jaw-Grip 32 inch Reacher
Good Grips Long Handle Broom and Dustpan Set
GoodGrips Long Handle Broom & Dustpan Set
Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweeper
Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweeper - Lightweight &
Advanced Design

EasyComforts Shoe & Boot Jack in White
Shoe & Boot Jack - Take off shoes with no bending

Full Set Of Reaching Tools

Long Handled Sponges

Body Care Long Handled Body Washer
Body Care Long Handle Body Washer Replacement Wash Cloths
Replacement Wash Cloths for Long Handled Body Washer (Pack of 2)

Stainless Steel Shoehorn 24 inch

Long Handled Toe Washer
Long Handle Toe-Washer Replacement Sponge Tips
Replacement Sponge Tips for Long Handled Toe Washer (Pack of 3)

Telescoping Shoehorn

Dress EZ Dressing Aid
30 inch

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