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Home > Robes, Gowns & Slippers
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This page features products by DestinationXL & Amazon
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Only Necessities Women's Plus-Size Knit Night Gown
Women's Plus-Size Knit Nightgown, ankle length Sizes M to 6X
Del Rossa Zip-Front Soft Fleece Bathrobe
Del Rosa Zip-Front Soft Fleece Bathrobe, Choice of colors, Sizes S to 4X
Majestic® Stripe Seersucker Kimono Robe
Majestic® Stripe Seersucker Kimono Robe Sizes 1XL to 6XL
Majestic® Sherbrooke Microfiber Robe
Sherbrooke Microfiber Robe with terry lining
Sizes 1XL to 6XL

Harbor Bay® Plaid Fleece Robe
Harbor Bay® Plaid Fleece Robe, shawl collar & belt
Sizes 1XL to 6XL

Woolrich® Lewisburg Tie Moccasins
Woolrich® Lewisburg Fleece lined Tie Moccasins
Sizes 13 - 14

Deer Stags® Wherever Clogs
Deer Stag® Wherever Embroidered Clogs
Sizes 10 to 16

L.B. Evans Aristocrat Opera Moc
L.B. Evans® Duke Scuffs supple leather slip-ons
Sizes 10 to 16

Women's Plus-Size Long Ultra-Soft Fleece Hoodie Robe
Women's Long Ultra-Soft Fleece Hoodie Robe
5 Colors, Sizes M to 6
X $41.09
BEARPAW Women's Loki 2 Shearling Slipper
BEARPAW Women's Loki 2 Shear Shearling Slipper
16 Colors, Sizes 6 to 11

From $27.87

Leg & Foot Warmers (One pair), One size fits most
Women's Molly Slipper Blitz
Women's Leather Slippers with plush inner-lining
11 Colors, Sizes 5 to 13

From $17.99
ACORN Women’s Tex Moc Slippers
ACORN Women's Tex Moc Slippers with plush lining
14 Colors, Sizes S to XL

From $29.95
Woolrich® Potter County Moccasins
Moccasins in genuine suede & plaid fleece lining
Sizes 13-14

L.B. Evans Aristocrat Opera Moc
L.B. Evans Aristocrat Opera Moc in full grain leather, Sizes 10 to 15
Woolrich® Kirkwood Moccasin Slippers
Woolrich® Kirkwood Moccasin Sandals
Sizes 12 to 14

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